Do customers get worse material than the works? This suspicion apparently goes to the FIA. Allegedly, the automobile association wants to have received evidence that Mercedes and Ferrari supply the partner teams with less powerful units.

Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff dismissed this accusation far from himself. According to rumors, voices from the Williams camp are said to have prompted an investigation by the FIA.

But with the British one wants to know of the suspicion of a supply with “Mercedes-B-Ware” absolutely nothing. “Contrary to voices that have recently appeared in the press, we are resolutely declaring that we have never questioned the equality of the drives supplied by Mercedes AMG HPP,” said Claire Williams in a statement from Grove. “We are sure that the drives from Mercedes, Force India and us are absolutely identical in terms of hardware and software.”

It looks back on a successful and trusting cooperation with Mercedes in recent years and wants to continue this in the future, it continues from Williams. According to Mercedes race director Wolff, customers are not only supplied with identical technology, but also with Petronas’ specially developed fuels and lubricants.

The FIA had reminded the manufacturers in January of a Regelpassus that makes it necessary to supply customers with identical material.

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