If Formula 1 wants to regain popularity in the future, then there will have to be more accidents. That means Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost in exclusive interview with “Motorsport-Total.com”

“People want to experience exciting entertainment,” says the Austrian. “They want overtaking maneuvers, different winners and accidents, they do not want any injuries, but they want to experience crashes again.”

That he should not underestimate the importance of accidents, he had learned in his personal environment. “I just have to hear what my friends say,” he exclaims. “Hey Franz, in the past we looked at the first two laps because it always crashed after the start and now there are no more accidents”, he quotes a voice from his circle of friends. And agrees: “That’s the way it is.” Either you accept the status quo, “or we pick up what the fans want, otherwise the interest in Formula One drops.”

All this is now in the hands of Liberty Media. For the Toro Rosso team boss a radical change is inevitable. Of course, the teams at the top who have the big money do not want anything to change, which is not new in Formula 1. But if Liberty Media does not change anything, then I am convinced that by 2022 at the latest, we will have 2023 problems, “predicts Tost.

Demand for cost reduction

Tost currently considers Formula 1 to be less spectacular. “Does anyone remember the race in Abu Dhabi?”, He points to the season finale of the previous year, when only overtaken in the rear. “Hey, if we have such races, nobody will be interested in Formula One anymore. We have to show more.”

That Mercedes and Ferrari are not interested in fundamental changes, the new Formula 1 owners should not deter, says Tost: “If I were Liberty Media, I would turn everything completely upside down.”

In addition to a better show, a reduction in costs and a fair distribution of money are urgently needed. “We’re totally crazy to spend 400 or 500 million euros! And for what? That two cars offer a show on Sunday afternoon, gosh, we can offer the same show with 80 or 100 million,” Tost is convinced.

“We do not spend millions on anything”

According to Tost serve as a memorial, the many wing variants that are currently produced in Formula 1. “I can show you wings that we keep in the factory in Faenza,” says Tost. “In Italy, we have to keep the things for five years because of the tax authorities, and then I see the wings, one of which may have a slightly different radius, a different one for the other … we give millions for nothing out.”

That the top teams warn against a budget cap is not controllable, holds the Austrian, who used to work at Williams-BMW, ​​for nonsense. “Whatever they decide, it will work, be it a cost barrier or simply a good regulation that restricts the arms race, both ways are possible,” says Tost.

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