The invincible of VfB Friedrichshafen no longer know the feeling of losing. The team of former German volleyball national coach Vital Heynen has won the past 30 games across all competitions.

And at a defeat just at the first title highlight in the cup final on Sunday (13:45 clock) against the Baden-Württemberg neighbors volleyball Bisons Buehl thinks of the German record champions not even. “We need now number 31,” Heynen demanded the next victory of his Friedrichshafener ,

The Belgian took over VfB in the summer of 2016 as successor to legendary coach Stelian Moculescu. In his first season, Heynen led the club to the Cup, but had to give in the final of the championship beaten the permanent rivals Berlin Volleys.

That the 48-year-old with the team from Lake Constance can now show an immaculate record, surprised only partially. Because Heynen’s ironic principle of error avoidance and his sometimes unconventional style of training really only take hold after a start-up phase.

“He’s kicking us in the butt”

Since you can ever forget losing. When asked when he had last played a match, middle blocker Philipp Collin replied: “I believe in France in April.” Since the national player still blared for Tours VB. “It’s a great show, but it can be dangerous if you lose a big game,” Collin warned. That should not happen against the Buhler around the Japanese diagonal attacker Masahiro Yanagida.

VfB Friedrichshafen was even undefeated champion in 2008. At that time, however, the club conceded in the twelfth game of the season in the Champions League against Kazan’s first defeat. This time, the 13-time champion and 14-time cup winners marched even without defeat in the round of the top twelve teams.

Outside assailant David Sossenheimer does not believe in a burglary because of the ambitious Heynen. “He’ll kick our ass if we let anything go, and that’s a good thing,” said the international, who was plagued by hip problems. After the success in the Supercup in October is now the first big title of the season ago. “We’ve played a successful but very long season so far, and the cup final is a game where we can finally win the first title in the new year,” said Sossenheimer.

First title firmly in sight

“We have respect for the opponent, but we do not have to go crazy, and if we find our best form, I’m convinced that we’re a bit better than Buhl and will win,” the 22-year-old continued.

The Sossenheimer family can even be happy about two cup wins on Sunday. David’s father, Christian, is assistant coach of women’s Bundesliga club VC Wiesbaden, who wants to win the first club title in the final (16:30) against Dresdner SC.

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