At the volleyball cup final in Mannheim, the roles are clearly divided. Defending champion VfB Friedrichshafen will be the clear favorite against bisons Buhl on Sunday (13:45).

The team of former national coach Vital Heynen is unbeaten in all competitions for 30 games. The Häfler go into the game with corresponding self-confidence.

“If we pull our level, which we have also shown in recent games, it will be hard to beat us,” says VfB captain Simon Tischer. Buhl, who clearly lost both matches against Friedrichshafen 3-0 in the Bundesliga, is in the cup final for the second time. If the team of coach Ruben Wolochin the big coup succeed, it would be the first title for Buhl.

For women, Dresdner SC and VC Wiesbaden (16:30 clock) meet. Dresden decided as well as Friedrichshafen both games in the league for themselves, however, Wiesbaden could win at least one set in the first leg. Nevertheless, the duel between the two teams promises more excitement than the men.

Dresden last with three bankruptcies

Finally, Wiesbaden defeated champion MTV Allianz Stuttgart in the semifinal of the competition and beat last Sunday’s champion SSC Palmberg Schwerin in the league. Dresden, however, is in a small form low and lost three of the last four encounters. Among other things, the team of coach Alexander Waibl retired in the quarterfinals of the CEV Cup against Stuttgart.

In Mannheim, the Challenge-System will be used for the first time in the cup final. The teams have two challenge options per set, which they can use to check the decisions of the referees or linesmen. If you win a challenge, keep it as well. If the challenge turns out to be wrong, it will be lost.

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